Could you help? | Skydiving for RSPCA

On Sunday 22nd July, Alice is teaming up with The RSPCA York, Harrogate & District branch to throw themselves out of a plane for a daunting, yet thrilling skydive.

The branch are looking to raise money to fund a Canine Hydrotherapy Treadmill which will help with essential care to some of the most vulnerable animals in their Animal Home. Some of their patients could be arthritic, have hip/elbow dysplasia, whilst others need weight control or have just had an orthopaedic procedure.

Amy (Alice’s Sister) – RSPCA Animal Attendant,
with their Jack Russell, Jan.

Not only will the treadmill help for animals with arthritis, it will also help with the mental health and well being of the animals that have been waiting that little bit longer for their forever home.

Alice and the team from The RSPCA York, Harrogate & District branch will be skydiving a WHOPPING 15,000 feet with a 5,000 metre free fall in Bridlington, with the British Parachute Association.


Please donate!

To get behind Alice and the team from the RSPCA York, Harrogate & District, please donate any amount of money that you could spare.

To donate or for further information on the progress of the fundraising, please contact Alice by clicking here.


Thank you!


To visit the RSPCA York, Harrogate & District’s website, please click here.
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