Alice Hughes Racing teams up with Integra Sports Partners

Alice Hughes Racing teams up with Integra Sports Partners

Integra Sports Partners (ISP) is the new standard in athlete management globally. With a core focus on grassroots mentoring, integrity and with a long-term vision, ISP partners with future professional athletes, charting the course to success while simultaneously building a post-competition legacy and future.

Ivor Bourne (Founder of ISP) has been following Alice and her success over the course of the 2017 season. With the Mighty Mini Championship now under her belt along with 3 Autograss National titles, the duo have joined partnership to tackle the 2018 year ahead. 

Alice mentioned, “I’m delighted to be officially partnered up with Ivor. I look forward to an extremely successful and positive future working together. Both Ivor and myself have some brilliant ideas we can work with and we’re excited to see where this partnership leads.”

Integra Sports Partners is about helping others to understand the positive impact role models in all sport can have on those perhaps less privileged than ourselves. It is our belief that if you can change the life of one person you can affect a generation. Sport is just one of the many ways we can bring about that change…

” Working with Alice was an easy decision to make. Her understanding the direction of Integra Sports Partners was extremely important in the decision making process. Recognising there are no short cuts to success, just hard work. Realising we are not perfect, any of us, not only willing to learn from the mistakes we make, but sharing the results through openness and communication. We have already had several very positive meetings and have some creative ideas to work on!!

All that is left for me to say is Welcome Alice Hughes Racing 2018 here we come…”


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