Alice Hughes – MIGHTY MINI CHAMPION 2017

Alice Hughes – MIGHTY MINI CHAMPION 2017

“What a season! After it’s ups and downs, the season has now come to a close. I’m over the moon to be crowned The Mighty Mini champion in my first full season of tarmac racing. It’s been an incredible year with some extremely boastful competition but this has just developed me as a driver even more.”


Credit: Melanie Derflinger

Thank you….

“I’ve been working a lot with Dr Phill De Prez, human performance psychologist, this year and he’s been been by my side every step of the way. He’s changed my outlook on the way I approach a race meeting (from start to finish). He’s also given me a lot of confidence this year which is what it’s all about. Mental preparation is key to a successful race and both he and I have proven that during this season.

Carl Syres from Red Lime Studios has also been working away in the background, producing videos and helping me to work smarter in terms of Marketing. I’d like to just thank both Carl and Phill for simply believing in me from day 1.

8 podiums and 4 fastest laps has lead to taking the championship title and I couldn’t be any more proud of what both the team and myself have achieved this weekend. I’ve met some fantastic people on my journey through my motorsport career so far and I’m very excited to see where this leads.



Both myself and my manager, Ivor Bourne (Integra Sports Partners) are going to be working extremely hard to push for funding next year to take my career to the next level.

It’s been an absolute pleasure racing for and promoting The Children’s Air Ambulance. Alan Ball and the team from Ball Trucking Atherstone have also played a vital role in pushing the Mighty Mini Championship this year and to make it the success it is. Mark Jones from Icon Autos also deserves a HUGE thank you for the help he’s given my team this year too.

Last but not least – my mechanics! Steve Hughes, Collin French, Martin Duffey, Kevin Hunton, Matthew Wood & Bethany Hughes – Thank You!!”

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