Taking Motorsport Psychology to the Next Level..

Taking Motorsport Psychology to the Next Level..

Are you a driver looking to enhance your own performance? Or maybe you’re a parent of a driver and you’ve not taken the full impact of human performance into account? 

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Being both physically and mentally prepared for a race should be at the top of any driver’s agenda and I’m here to show you the importance of working with a Human Performance Psychologist and the positive effects it has. 

When setting up a race car, we all know how important a good powerful engine is, the gear ratios are right for the track and the suspension is optimised for the track conditions. No way would we race without checking all these are as close to perfect as we can get them and that is why testing and recording data is so important. But, all of that hard work and effort stands for nothing if the driver is not fully mentally prepared.

But how many drivers can say they know their own ‘mental settings’ to be at their peak level of performance?

In most races a missed start can lose you several places into that all important first corner, missed breaking points or clipped apex lose valuable time and poor decision making missed overtaking opportunities.

Dr Phillip De Prez mentions: ” My aim working with drivers is to help them learn their own mental settings (or develop ones) and create constant performances across a season. Championships are not won by coming first in one race but consistency over all of the races. I explain the importance of pre race strategies, mental robustness during the race and a positive review of performance after the race. I am lucky as a Doctor of psychology I can combine all my academic work with being a driver of over 25 years myself to help others win.. How many coaches can say that?…..”

By learning the techniques, philosophies and methodologies that Phill provides in his training, you can make a significant difference to your own performance in all areas of your life.

Dr Phillip J de Prez Human Performance Psychologist BSc. MSc,PhD, PGCPD, MAC, FHEA, PPABP

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